Many hundreds of users stick to Windows XP. Microsoft try every trick in the book to scare users into using Windows 7 (just about usable, but only use Win 7 if you need to use a particular program, like Sony VideoEditor etc)

Windows 8 is the best effort yet by Microsoft to make users try a Mac!


Even to turn off the pc is buried deep-

use the "charm bar" (theres a misnomer!!!)

power, turn off


or create a "shutdown" icon on your desktop-just like XP


Many new computers come only with Win 8, or Win 8.1-and upgrades to Win 10 is just as terrible!!!


Win 8 also depends on search engine Bing, and the Microsoft App Store,even for Word applications (use Office 2000)and Mail can not read POP emails...

This is why new pc sales are down: upgrades do not necessarily improve useability...


Best advice : stick with XP unless you have mission vital security needs!